Monday, July 30, 2012

Road Trips

Nothings better than a good music mix and a wide open road. Ok lets be real, not all road trips are enlightening or insightful or all the fun people make them out to be... Ive driven the texas to utah route a few too many times. I do believe however there are moments when you look out and appreciate the beautiful scenery. or a great song comes on and all you can do is dance in your seat as you jam out. This summer has a few of those great moments.
 Two of my great friends from provo road-tripped it down to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun in the sun. We laid out by the pool, ate some delicious grub, and saw the bright lights on the strip.

 Road trip number two of the summer. Destination: Phoenix.
One of the cousins on robs side got married this summer and we were fortunate enough to attend! Congrats to Ken and Carrie, the new newlyweds in the fam.

 Road trip number three: Dallas. Well technically i flew to texas but drove all over the metroplex to visit friends and family. trust me its a HUGE city. Another wedding for a long time best friend Kortney.  Such a beautiful bride. and great party. So here's to Kortney and Lee, Congrats!!

 Texas oh Texas i miss you. Your sunsets and tree top covered country roads.
simple beauty.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

endless summer

Summer 2012 has officially begun. And it has been unforgettable. Seeing as to how this post is a little behind, I am really sorry. Give me a break... Ive been busy enjoying my summer, of course. So this post is dedicated to the way we started the summer. Cause when its all said and done we will have been to San Diego, Vancouver BC, Dallas, Las Vegas oh wait, we live here and St. George. Get ready you're not gonna know what hit ya.
So our nearest dearest friends Tim and Rachel invited us down 
to spend a few days at a condo. 
On the beach.
 In San Diego. 
Well we couldn't turn them down.

Or the free tickets to Sea World thanks to my wonderful brother tyler and his wife jessica.

work it shamu.

my favs... the dolphins.

 Then we went to little Italy and enjoyed some divine cuisine.

 Rob even enjoyed the cold ocean water until he face-planted on the ocean floor.

 Then I got to meet up with a highschool best friend who hooked us up with tickets to the padres game. (thanks ali!)

 Probably the BEST mexican food in san di... los cuatros milpas. Look it up. find it. do it. remember to bring cash. and dont let the pigeons scare you.
 Lastly we indulged in a little bit of fine cocoa with salted caramel.

Thank you to Tim and Rach for this amazing week. Glad we got to do a couples retreat before little Cordelia came into the world! Next time it will be the 5 of us.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hoppy Easter

Hallelujah it's Spring time!
 I love this time of year for these reasons:
warm weather
dying easter eggs
blooming flowers 
picnics in the park
laying in the sunshine
a million pair of sunglasses
cute swimsuits
weddings everywhere
lazy days
shorts and flip flops.

those things pretty much sum it up.
we are also blessed to be celebrating resurrection and rebirth.
our savior lives and he loves us all.
i hope everyone enjoys this perfect time of year.

My wonderful display:

these wonderful pictures of rob and i are courtesy of tara b.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Settling Down

Well its been six blissful months of marriage and we havent seemed to kill each other yet. Only kidding, of course. But really I cant imagine what i'd be doing right now if i had never met rob. Even if i could, i doubt it would be even close to this good. Alright, enough with the sappy. On to the new news, I got a new job! I job that I actually rather enjoy. And it is in the field of study I hope to get my graduate in. I am working as a Physical Therapy Technician. Basically I work with two PTs and help patients with exercises to help them gain strength/mobility/range of motion. Might be boring to some but I LOVE it. Its a step towards me getting more experience before applying to graduate school. With my new job and rob's second semester underway, I am happy to say that we have found balance rather easily. Its easy to make time for one another and when that time is short we make it count.  and for some other updates:

1. Robs White Coat Ceremony [aka] instead of being a student, now he is a student doctor [impressive huh?] Its actually cool, they have a few speakers, take the Hippocratic Oath and get their [sexy] white doctors coat. we were lucky enough to have some of mine and his family there to support and congratulate. best part was the delish dinner at Lucilles BBQ that night along with the hours of ping pong [and devilish serves might i add] at our house.

2. Valentines Day [aka] love day. Vday is a favorite of mine, just because its a day devoted to cute lovey dovey things couples do to show their devotion to their significant other. Well, robs good about doing cute things all the time, so on valentines we got dressed up and went to our favorite spot [lucilles...again] exchanged chocolates and adorable cards. All around a great day.

3. We added to our family [aka] Sadie, our new pup. She is a 1&a half year old german shepard mix. She is potty trained, snuggly, quiet for the most part, and well behaved. Now if we can just get her to play with a tennis ball, stop digging holes to bury her bones, and stop swerving while we walk her. that would be great. But we LOVE her and she is a great addition.

4. Spring Break [aka] VACATION... and much needed at that. With me working so much and rob slaving away at school a beautiful trip is deserved. Also this will be our first spring break in 4 years since BYU doesn't believe in giving students that luxury. So we are looking forward to going to Utah to see friends, family, and go snowboarding. i couldn't think of a better break.

5. San Diego break between semesters [aka] Couples Retreat with tim and rach. Not sure what we will be doing besides sleep, sun bathe, eat good food, and laugh a LOT. whats not to love about san diego with friends and staying on the beach. grateful to have AMAZING friends.

So basically we REALLY look forward to any break we get from school and work. but lets face it... who doesn't.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two Ohh One Two

Here's to another year.
If 2012 is just as amazing as 2011...
then I will have to count my blessings twice.
This year has held so many wonderful memories and opportunities.

Meeting Celebrities at Sundance FIlm Festival.

Getting Engaged.

We graduated from BYU.

 My trip to Cabo.

Rob to Europe.

Rob to Cambodia/ Hong Kong/ Singapore.

Married&Madly in Love.

Us to Aruba.

 We bought a house.


 First Holiday Season Together.

I've never been one to make new year resolutions, but to those of you who do good luck. Im more of a look at all the things we've achieved this past year kind of girl. It makes for happier memories. I love the idea of a fresh start and new goals, but I think I will start small. Make achievable goals each month. Wish me luck! Rob and I look forward for all the new things we will encounter this year! May we all have joy and success this year! Happy 2012.